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Our typical community saves over $11,000.

Justify Fire Truck Purchase when board wants to repair

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The cost of buying a new fire truck can be staggering to your budget.

And it becomes tempting to just fix up the old truck–either with a large repair or a refurbishment–or buy a used truck.

But does it make financial sense? Or is it just throwing good money after bad? This can be a tricky financial calculation and can cost thousands if something is missed.

The problem with “Let’s just fix.”

It seems simple. Spend a little money to extend the lifespan of your current truck. Or spend a lot for a brand new truck.

But the math isn’t that simple. And which has the higher cost over time?

The Repair versus Replace calculator in the Fire Truck Justification Kit helps you show your board the right financial decision.

It’s important to have the right information to know you’re making the best decision.


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Justifying purchase, setting budget.

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