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The Size-Up Step

Fire Truck Financing Payment Calculator

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Estimate fire truck payment for budgeting purposes.

Fire Truck Justification Kit

Justifying Kit

Show your council buying a truck now makes financial sense.

Financing Kit

Learn options, best practices, common mistakes, and money saving ideas.

Fire Truck Financing Approach

Our Unique Approach

Our typical community saves over $11,000.

You’ll notice a difference with the first call.

Instead of talking with someone trying to get up to speed about fire departments and fire truck financing…you talk with someone who only works with fire departments every single day.

Instead of talking to someone who grills you about why you need the money…you talk with someone who understands what you are buying, why, and what unique concerns you have.

The Size-Up Step seems like what you normally do. You call a financial company and ask questions. But we’ll ask different questions, better questions. Questions designed to help you learn more about financing and to help develop an idea with the perfect balance among truck and budget.

The old way of financing a fire truck

You really don’t know what to ask.  You know you should ask about the rate… and the fees.  But not sure about what else.And the person you’re talking to seems to talk more about money than what your fire department needs.They aren’t asking questions learned from financing over 3,000 fire trucks.Their questions are about helping them, not you.They aren’t asking questions that will help you save money. Or avoid a common fire truck financing mistake. They are just quoting terms and payments and rates.  It’s like you only get to choose from their menu, not able to customize something specifically for your department.To help you get the truck you need…within the budget you have…and pay the least possible amount of cost.They aren’t trying to help you prepare your department for your next purchase.You’re left with a bunch of information you really don’t understand… and are expected to make a decision you’ll live with for years.

The FireLending Approach™

We understand that you are not 100% sure what questions to ask.  You know what you want to accomplish but are not sure how you can get there.You want a balance between finding the right payment for your budget and not overpaying for financing.If you’re like most of our customers, you’ve never been taught how to do that.When we talk during the Size-Up, we do just like you do at a scene.  We examine the situation to develop the best plan of attack.  And that means getting the right information to do the best job.You’ll have a different conversation with a First Bankers representative.  You’ll be asked different questions.  Questions that seem relevant to fire departments and their budgets.  Questions that will help you.And, that is just the beginning… Read how fire departments learn better information AND save money

Read how one department almost paid twice as much to finance their truck because they were asking the wrong questions

Did you know that the typical First Bankers customer learns how to save $10,000 when financing their fire truck?

That is the kind of useful information that helps fire departments show they are wise with their money.

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Justifying purchase, setting budget.

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