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Fire Truck Financing Approach

Our Unique Approach

Our typical community saves over $11,000.

If you get poor information, you get poor results.

Every department that calls wants the same thing–How can we save money?

It’s simple to do…once you do the right things.

Ask the right questions. Savvy departments know or learn that fire truck financing is complex. As much as you may wish, it can’t be boiled down to 1 easy thing. And the financial world wants you confused. That’s why you get so much jargon and confusing numbers and information.

But when the right questions are asked, fire departments save money.

Here are some of the right questions:

  1. What is my Total Borrowing Cost?
  2. How can I lower my Total Borrowing Cost?
  3. What major future purchases are planned?
  4. What are the plans for our excess savings?
  5. And a few more…

Learn the right information. The right information is not the interest rate alone. Or what fees are charged. If the information you learn stops there, you have missed 5 out of the 7 factors that determine your Total Borrowing Cost.

Here are all the factors and the information you should have to make an informed decision:

  1. Amount Borrowed
  2. Financing Term
  3. Payment Frequency
  4. Payment Timing
  5. Interest Rate Tricks
  6. Fees & Costs
  7. Interest Rate

Use the information wisely. Would you pay an extra $10,000 down if it lowered your Total Borrowing Cost by $10,000?

Would you pay an extra $1,000 in your annual payment if it meant your fire truck was paid off 1 year earlier and saved $9,000?

Would you know how to spot the one simplest, non-budget impacting thing that saves over $6,000 on the average fire truck?

Most departments don’t expect to receive information like this. Let alone use it to save money.

But First Bankers customers get useful, clear information like this and use this information to save money–lots of it. The average department saves over $10,000!

Did you know that the typical First Bankers customer learns how to save $10,000 when financing their fire truck?

That is the kind of useful information that helps fire departments show they are wise with their money.

To learn more about how we help fire departments save $10,000, click here to learn about the FireLending Approach™


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