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Justify Fire Truck – Board wants to save for purchase

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Our typical community saves over $11,000.

Justify Fire Truck Purchase when board wants to save

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It seems prudent to save and pay cash for a fire truck purchase rather than finance it and pay interest.
But can this plan backfire and actually cost money?

In some cases, it can.

And smart departments know the right financial move.

Let’s just save up to buy

It seems simple. Paying interest is more expensive than not paying interest.

But, if your department needs a truck now and the board will save and wait to buy, your department may lose tens of thousands of dollars.

It’s important to have the right information to know you’re making the best decision.

You’ll find the help and answers you need in the FREE Fire Truck Justification Kit

Download the FREE Fire Truck Justification Kit

This free kit includes help and financial tools to help with this “no-buy” scenario.


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Get free tools and info for each step of your fire truck purchase

Early Stages

Justifying purchase, setting budget.

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Ready to sign contract, analyzing discount offers.

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Set payments, pay least cost, learn about financing.

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