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Our typical community saves over $11,000.

Fire Truck Secret #1 – Most departments call and ask the wrong question

They ask “what’s the rate?”

But asking this question just plays into the hands of professional bankers. You see, rate is something that be legally calculated different ways – so you can get dramatically different payments even though the “rate” is the same. And, rate is not all-inclusive.  It doesn’t include certain items that you will pay.

The better question to ask is “what’s the cost?”

Total Borrowing Cost is a comprehensive fact. It can’t be gamed and includes everything. Every day, fire departments call with the goal of paying the least for the leasing of their fire truck. But you won’t achieve your goal if you don’t ask the right question.

What interest won’t save you that Borrowing Cost will:

Fire Truck leasing Secrets

This video explains exactly how Total Borrowing Cost works and how to use it to:

  • Get simple, easy to compare financing offers
  • Save money, typically over $10,000
  • Have 100% confidence you are not making a fire truck financing mistake

See how other fire departments saved money and learned some valuable financial lessons.

Why First Bankers always tells you Total Borrowing Cost

You deserve information that will help you. Not head fakes and vague information. Information that you can use to keep some of your hard earned money to buy essential things, not pay unnecessary financing costs.

A funny thing happens. Our typical customer saves $10,000…. and they know exactly how they saved money.

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