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The pay off early financial mistake

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Here’s the single biggest mistake I see most fire departments do. And they think it doesn’t cost them anything!

Almost 100% of fire departments who call ask the same thing –  Can we pay this off early without penalty?

The department is silently saying 2 things – 1. We can afford a higher payment but want the option of lower payments, and 2. This is a free move if there is no penalty.

It’s not free and here’s what it costs.

While there is not a penalty, the department pays a fairly high cost.

The chart below shows two different financing plans for a $400,000 truck. The red bars are the interest paid by signing a 10 year financing plan and paying off in 5 years. The green bars are the interest paid by signing a 5 year financing plan. Both assume the same interest rate (although a 5 year rate will be lower in reality).

The total amount of interest paid for the 10 year plan paid off in 5 years is $45,022.

The total amount of interest paid for the 5 year plan is $33,594.

The10 year/paid off in 5 year plan costs 34% more!


Financing mistakes compound. Which means they get bigger with time. If you are considering a lower payment than what you can afford and paying off early, you are making a costly mistake. Simply sign up for the payment you can afford.


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