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Most fire truck financing RFP’s don’t accomplish their 2 primary goals

The goal of a RFP is to:

  • Receive consistent and comparable offers
  • Clearly establish the best financing offer

We receive RFP’s every day that we can recognize as ripe for confusion and gamesmanship.

Why don’t most RFP’s do what they are supposed to do?

First, the RFP terms are often too vague and non-specific.

You don’t provide enough exact information to receive the same offers from everyone.

It is like bidding a fire truck that asks for “a fire truck capable of pumping water.” It’s too vague to help bidders propose exactly what you want.

Don’t feel bad. No one has taught you what to request

Here’s what to include in a fire truck financing RFP

There are 7 things that you can request that will help you receive comparable and easily identifiable best offers.

  1. How much money you want to borrow
  2. How many years you want to pay back the loan (know an exact number, not ask for 5, 7, and 10 years, as an example)
  3. How frequently you want to make payments (monthly, annually, etc.)
  4. Specify an exact date you want to pay the first payment
  5. Request details of all costs (not just upfront origination fees but fees that will be charged later)
  6. The details of how the funds will be paid to the vendor of the fire truck (for example, payment on delivery, chassis payment, prepayment, etc.)
  7. The interest rate, how it is calculated (there are several legal ways), and how long the interest rate is fixed

When you request and receive all this information, you will be able to easily compare offers.


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