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Fire Truck Financing – how small tweak saved $20,000

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 How small tweak saved $20,000

A North Carolina fire department was buying a new pumper for $551,984 and had a $100,000 saved up for the down payment.

The department’s primary goal

The department was focused on having the lowest payment.  But, it almost missed a small tweak that saved it a lot of money.

What the department learned

It was so focused on the payment amount, it missed 1 of the 7 Key Financing Factors – the 7 things that control how much your pay for your Total Borrowing Cost.  It missed the payment timing factor.

The Total Borrowing Cost analysis of First Bankers showed how to adjust their payment date within their budget year.  This is something most department’s fail to ask.

The results

By simply right-timing the payment, the Department got a lower payment which was their goal  AND they also saved $20,789 in Total Borrowing Cost.  It really was two birds with one stone.


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