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Department saves $50,000 in financing cost

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Our typical community saves over $11,000.

Knowing this saves a lot of money

This fire department narrowly avoided wasting $50,000

This Oregon fire department knew what it wanted…. until it learned some secret information that would save $50,000


The department did its due diligence and was 100% sure that it needed a 10 year transaction to finance its new fire truck based on its payment budget.

So, it called around to get the best 10 year interest rates and called First Bankers.  Based on what they requested, they would have a Total Borrowing Cost of about $73,000.

Imagine their surprise when the department could get what they wanted and save $50,000!

We completed an IDEA Review – a specialized financial analysis just for fire departments.

And we suggested some small tweaks to what they requested.  And they saved $49,592.


There is probably always a better way.  When you are open to receiving new information, the cost savings can be huge!


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