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Interest Rate, Effective rate, APR

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Estimate fire truck payment for budgeting purposes.

Fire Truck Justification Kit

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Show your council buying a truck now makes financial sense.

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Learn options, best practices, common mistakes, and money saving ideas.

Fire Truck Financing Approach

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Our typical community saves over $11,000.

Interest rates

Interest Rate, Effective rate, APR

Do you know the difference between the 3 types of rates charged on your fire truck financing? If not, you might be overpaying. And the difference between these 3...... More »

Do you do this?

Here’s a common financial plan that seems to be smart but actually costs a lot of money. We helped a fire department who had a reasonable payment budget for...... More »

Simple money saving idea

Here’s a simple money saving idea Shorten your financing term by 1 year. Instead of a 10 year term, choose a 9 year term. Or a 6 year instead...... More »

The problem with interest rates

Most fire departments use interest rates only to try to save money. Interest rates are important but only 1 part of how much you pay for fire apparatus financing...... More »

Little $6,000 mistake

Do you know what little mistake fire departments regularly make that costs them $6,000? It’s mis-timing their payments. If you miss this key factor, you could have budget stresses...... More »


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Justifying purchase, setting budget.

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Set payments, pay least cost, learn about financing.

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