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Fire Truck Financing Payment Calculator

Payment Estimator

Estimate fire truck payment for budgeting purposes.

Fire Truck Justification Kit

Justifying Kit

Show your council buying a truck now makes financial sense.

Financing Kit

Learn options, best practices, common mistakes, and money saving ideas.

Fire Truck Financing Approach

Our Unique Approach

Our typical community saves over $11,000.

Volunteer fire fightersVolunteer fire departments are asked to do just as much as career fire fighters. Oh, and you have to raise money, too.

The financial challenges facing volunteer fire departments are great.

  • How do we buy a safe, new truck?
  • Do we have to pay a down payment to finance or lease or get a loan for our fire truck?
  • What is the lowest payment we can get?
  • But also, how can we pay the least amount of borrowing cost?

We work well for volunteers who would like:

  • Clear and useful fire truck financing information. After all, you aren’t a professional money manager and most finance proposal include a bunch of jargon and confusing terms (what’s really hidden among all those numbers and %)?
  • Simple help to understand your financing options. Our typical customer learns how to save over $10,000 in financing costs.
  • Simple help to complete all the legal requirements. You know the IRS has rules to follow and don’t want to hear you did something wrong. Wouldn’t it be nice to have someone guide you every step of the way?
  • To know you aren’t screwing things up for the next guy. You’ve heard the stories of a past chief or board who made a financial decision that hurt their chances of buying the next truck. You’d like some financial expertise to prevent major financial mistakes.

You can download FREE fire truck leasing and loan tools here.

Did you know that the typical First Bankers customer learns how to save $10,000 when financing their fire truck?

That is the kind of useful information that helps fire departments show they are wise with their money.

To learn more about how we help fire departments save $10,000, click here to learn about the FireLending Approach™


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Get free tools and info for each step of your fire truck purchase

Early Stages

Justifying purchase, setting budget.

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Ready to sign contract, analyzing discount offers.

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Set payments, pay least cost, learn about financing.

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