Fire Truck Purchase – Analyzing discount offers

Pen and contractYou want to prevent a financial mistake before you sign a fire truck purchase contract

These FREE tools can help you answer some key financial decisions before you are obligated.

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  • Should we finance?.  You may not be the department who should or needs to borrow.  This article compares these two very different type of departments.
  • Prepayment Discount costs money.  This story about how a fire department incorrectly calculated the benefit of a fire truck prepayment and how it almost cost them a lot of money.
  • Prepayment Basics.  This article explains what fire truck prepayment discounts are, why manufacturers push them so hard, and how they can be misused.


Did you know that the typical First Bankers customer learns how to save $10,000 when financing their fire truck?

That is the kind of useful information that helps fire departments show they are wise with their money.

To learn more about how we help fire departments save $10,000, click here to learn about the FireLending Approach™


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  • Payment Estimator

    Estimate fire truck payment for budgeting purposes.

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  • Justifying Kit

    Show your council buying a truck now makes financial sense.

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  • Financing Kit

    Learn options, best practices, common mistakes, and money saving ideas

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  • Our Unique Approach

    Our typical community saves over $11,000.

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