Trends, Problems, & Mistakes

Fire Truck Financial Trends

There’s an alarming fire truck financial trend right now.  It will impact your department today and will impact your department in the future.  And it leads you to make small mistakes and create bigger problems.

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Fire Truck Financial Mistakes

If your department doesn’t understand the financial impact of current apparatus trends, it becomes easy to make a mistake.  And the biggest fire truck financial mistake is…

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Fire Truck Financial Problems

If your department makes a financial mistake, it leads to a big problem.  And the biggest fire truck financial problem is…

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Your Fire Truck Leasing Experience

We’ve developed a way to help fire departments be confident:

  1. You’ll get information that will help you choose the best fire truck leasing option.  You can show everyone how you made the best decision.
  2. You’ll get ideas that will save you money – on average, it’s over $10,000.
  3. You know before you buy.  The ideas we offer are no-obligation.  And we guarantee your satisfaction so you can be sure.

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