FAQ’s About fire truck financing

Do I have a lot of choices to fit my situation?

Yes. You can customize your financing terms with different payment frequencies and years.  You can skip a budget year or even have lower payments the first few years.

How many years can I finance my fire truck?

You can finance your fire truck from 3 to 15 years.

How often do I have to make payments?

You can have annual, semi-annual (twice a year), quarterly, or monthly payments.

Do I have to pay a down payment?

No, No down payment is required.

Is this a tax-exempt loan or lease?

Yes.  You’ll enjoy the rewards of lower tax-exempt interest rates.

Do I have to complete an application?

No.  You don’t want the hassle of completing some tedious and complicated loan application.

How long does it take to get a fire truck loan?

Generally, the entire process takes about 30 days.  Most of the time is spent fulfilling legal and IRS requirements to ensure your tax-exempt lease in not dis-qualified.

What does First Bankers do differently to help make this easier?

Simple.  We do everything for you at no extra cost.  We publish the IRS-mandated notices and collect the required signatures.  You just sign the documents.  You’ll spend about 4 less hours than other financing companies.


For other questions, simply call toll-free:  (877) 323-1776   What does the first call sound like?


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