FAQ’s About Fire Lending Approach

Fire Finance GuyIs the FireLending Approach™ way different?  Do I have to do anything differently?

No.  You do the same things.  You call, you ask and give information.  You get information. You use the information to make a quality decision.

How does the FireLending Approach™ help me?  What advantage do I get?

You get 3 things you don’t get from the old way of financing your fire truck.

  1. When you call in the first time, you don’t get grilled by someone.  You talk with someone who only finances fire trucks, asks the questions designed to help you have clear information and ideas that save money.
  2. When you get information from us, it includes more information, better information.   It doesn’t include jargon and is designed to help you make an informed decision.
  3. You learn how to save money when financing your fire truck.  The old way was designed to confuse you so you pay higher Total Borrowing Cost (you never heard that term before, right?). The new way helps you understand how to use your money differently, wiser, and saves the typical department over $10,000.

So, what is different?

If you’ve borrowed in the past, you probably experienced feeling grilled by someone spending a lot of your time trying to get up to speed about fire trucks.

Instead, you will talk about your department’s goals and concerns.  Things like “what’s the next truck you hope to buy?” and “how will things today help you be prepared for the next truck”.  Also, some proprietary questions to help you lower your Total Borrowing Cost.

Different questions and topics means different information which means different results.

What does it cost?

It costs nothing extra.  It’s just how we help fire departments and it’s included.  It means that you won’t have any hidden charges or surprise fees.  Every piece of information you receive from us is all-inclusive.  Now, sometimes that means we look more expensive.  We think it makes us look honest.


For other questions, simply call toll-free:  (877) 323-1776   What does the first call sound like?


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