Why First Bankers

Why First Bankers - Fire Truck FinancingYou may think that all financing is just the same. You’re forced to choose from a few options.  And not taught to lower your borrowing cost.

You’d like something different but don’t believe its out there.

You’d like:

  • Someone who already knows the difference between a pumper and an aerial.  Who knows a mid-mount from a side-mount.  Or SCBA from turn-out gear.
  •  Someone who understands why you need to borrow.  You don’t want to feel like a kid begging for allowance.
  • Someone who gives you what you want, not force a one size fits all “solution” on you.
  • Someone who speaks plain english, not financial garble and confusing numbers and amounts.
  • Someone who will actually help you learn how to lower your Total Borrowing Cost.  Your money isn’t exactly growing on trees these days.


So, why First Bankers?

We’ve heard you.  We think you deserve things like good service from nice people.  You deserve a helper who understands fire departments, their troubles, and their issues.  You deserve someone who understands how your budget works.

Finally, you deserve someone who will offer you some ideas that will save you money.  Our typical customer learns how to save over $10,000!

To learn more how we help save money, visit:  FireLending Approach™


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