What our customers say

We don’t expect you to just take our word.  Hear what our customers say:

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

“Before financing our truck, we did a lot of research and had a lot of statistics to look at. This was our first time working with First Bankers, and we plan on using them again in the future. They have been great to deal with. The have always been very attentive and we felt very comfortable.”

Asst. Chief Dan Cimini

Jackson Township, Indiana

“We were concerned how everything works, and getting everything squared away with the state. Your company was  very knowledgeable and trustworthy. We didn’t look anywhere else.”

Asst. Chief Eric Foreman


East Greenville, Pennsylvania

“Having the money saving ideas was great. I printed out copies for everyone and handed them out at the meeting so they could see the figures.”

Chief Grant Boyer


Arizona City, Arizona

“We have financed four trucks with First Bankers. I would recommend them because the people are friendly and the process went very smoothly.”

Chief Paul Sabel


Leesburg, Virginia

“At first we really didn’t know what we were getting into with the process of financing a truck. Other places talked about these great deals, but they really weren’t. First Bankers showed us more than one option. They had our best interests at heart. We have now financed 4 trucks in the last 5 years with them.”

Glenn Barnhardt


Arcadia Township, Michigan

“Tax-exempt financing is a little complicated. I didn’t know much about it. The documentation specialist at First Bankers worked with us and guided us through the whole process.”

Ken Messer


Saint Lawrence Fire Department, Wisconsin

“We had financed 8 or 9 trucks before, and this time, working with First Bankers was by far the best and easiest. The whole experience was painless and they did all of the paperwork and filings for us. We will definitely work with First Bankers in the future, and recommend them to other departments.”

Ken Ziegelbauer


Laurel Grove Fire Department, North Carolina

“We liked the Ideas Step, it was very useful. We ended up going with one of the money-saving ideas.”

Chief  Scott Cowan


If you’d like to learn from any other customers closer to your department, give us a call.  We’ve financed trucks in every state except Hawaii (and we’re kind of bumming about that!)
Did you know that the typical First Bankers customer learns how to save $10,000 when financing their fire truck?

That is the kind of useful information that helps fire departments show they are wise with their money.

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