About Our Satisfaction Guarantee

We understand you are buying something that you can’t see.  And you don’t buy very often.  It can be frightening  to select a fire truck financing company.

After all, how can you know beforehand if your fire truck financing is done right.  If all the IRS rules have been followed, the best options have been offered and understood.

It just seems honest for us to back up what we do with a guarantee.

We know we are not right for everyone.  And a couple of departments learned that about us.  But, they were able to back out without any cost, obligation, or penalty.


You have a guarantee of satisfaction

What’s our guarantee?

You have 30 days after loan closing to tell us that you’d like to cancel the lease.  For any reason whatsoever and with no questions asked.  You won’t pay a penny of interest or penalty.

However, if you’ve released funds to pay for the truck or chassis, you are required to return those funds.


Why a guarantee?

You don’t buy financing every day.  You can’t really inspect the service we offer before you buy.  We know that probably makes you uncomfortable.   You are forced to buy with some hesitation and trust that everything will turn out OK.

We think you shouldn’t have to be on the hook if you learn we’re not right for you.

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