About FireLending Approach

Imagine pointing the hose at the wrong building – the one that isn’t on fire

When most fire departments call, they financially do just that.

Most fire department’s ultimate goal is to pay the least cost that fits into their situation.

But they don’t know really what to ask to get there.  They ask about rate.  And rate is important.  But it won’t ensure you get the best deal.  Because, it’s not the only thing that you need to know.

And since you miss other key info, you pay too much.  And maybe do something today that financially hurts your department later.

That’s where the FireLending Approach™ helps.

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It’s designed just for fire departments.  It’s designed just for people who don’t make major financial decisions every day.

It’s designed to help your fire department receive clear information…useful information to ensure you are 100% confident you have the best deal for your situation.

And to help you avoid those common fire truck financing mistakes.

Better information for a better decision

Click here to learn more detailed information about the FireLending Approach™

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  • Payment Estimator

    Estimate fire truck payment for budgeting purposes.

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  • Justifying Kit

    Show your council buying a truck now makes financial sense.

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  • Financing Kit

    Learn options, best practices, common mistakes, and money saving ideas

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  • Our Unique Approach

    Our typical community saves over $11,000.

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