Here’s our story

All we do is finance fire trucks.  That’s why you won’t see pictures of street sweepers or police cars anywhere on our website.

We’ve been doing this for over 20 years.

And because of this focus, we noticed 2 things.

First, fire departments are nice people who serve their communities admirably.   They want to help, to serve, to do the best they can.

Second, the complexity of financing a fire truck is overwhelming to most people.  It’s complicated.  With lots of possibilities.  Possibilities that can cost or save money.  Possibilities that can financially help or hurt your department in the future.

And, we thought to ourselves….

How can we be different and help fire departments better?  They have enough to think about.  Like fighting fires.  Getting enough budget to run a safe & modern department. Stuff like that.

So, here’s what we did…

We came up with a different way to help fire departments make a complex financial decision.  Took away the confusion, took away the games and “rate & switch” tricks.

Instead, we offer just good, honest help and ideas.  After all, we’re the specialists here.  You shouldn’t have to be confused by our help.  It should actually help.


First Bankers Fire Truck Financing Specialists

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Oh yeah, some details about us

First Bankers has been serving fire departments across the United States since 1999.  We have helped over 2,000 fire departments finance over 3,000 fire trucks.

We are located in Indianapolis IN.

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