Fire Truck Financing. Made clear.

You’re not a financial expert…

But you have to investigate fire truck financing or leasing options.

And you’re not 100% sure of the best questions to ask, what the information to get, or how to evaluate your choices.  You know to ask about rate…  but you also know that financing includes so much more.

You don’t want to make a bad decision or recommendation to your board or council.  Especially a big money financial decision.

You don’t want to waste money.  Or, even worse, do something today that financially hurts your fire department later.

You just wish someone would make the complex chore of fire truck financing simple.

And you don’t want to be the guy who missed something.

We help people understand more about fire truck financing and be confident they are making the right choice.   That’s what we do everyday.  So, people who finance their fire trucks with us know more and are sure about their financial decision.

They learn how to save money and to make a decision that will financially help their department later.

We do it with a simple approach.  Your satisfaction is even guaranteed.

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